Tiered Tray Decor Set


Farmhouse Bee Decor, Bee Gnome Plush, 3 Bee Signs, Bee Hive, Wood Bee Garland, Rustic Bee Kitchen Decor,Spring Summer Bee Tiered Tray Decor Set

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    This bundle includes 1 Bumble Bee Gnome Plush, 3 Mini Wood Bee Signs, 1 Wood Bead Garland, all these are packed in a giftable box .The Tiered Tray is NOT included.

    It’s an excellent decor Bundle for Bee Tiered Tray Decor and Perfect decorations on a tier tray, bar, entry way table, fireplace, coffee table, etc.

    The Bee Gnome is made by professional artisans. There is sand at the bottom to make the gnome sit stably.


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